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What you should know about your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)...

Indoor air can be more harmful than outdoor air - uo to 100 times more pollutants can be found indoors.

People spend up to 90% of their time indoors

Poor IAQ can trigger potential health problems such as chronic respiratory ailments, asthma, recurring flus, aggravated allergies, coughs, headaches, chronic fatigue and poor concentration.

Your new home is not protected from these IAQ problems.

What's in My Home's Air...

Remember the last time you saw sun beaming through a window?  The visible particles that dance in a sunbeam, amount to about 1 percent of all particles in the air.  That leaves 99 percent too small to be seen with an unaided eye.  The effects of these invisible pollutants may be seen when it is too late – in soiling film that slowly coats wall, furnishings and draperies and in human discomfort.

Cleaner air is more important than ever these days, indoors as well as out.  Power Vac East has over 39 years of experience in improving indoor environments for Canadians from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

We specialize in cleaning dust from your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system so you and your family enjoy cleaner air in your home.

Most AIQ problems and HVAC inefficiencies are brought about by the activities within the home itself; carpeting, insulation and the effects of construction and renovation.  The best and most economical solution is servicing thereafter on a schedule that is appropriate to each individual system.

The Cleaning Process

According to NADCA, the most effective way to clean air ducts and ventilation systems is to employ Source Removal methods of cleaning. This requires a contractor to place the system under negative pressure, through the use of a specialized, powerful vacuum. While the vacuum draws air through the entire ventilation system, devices are inserted into the ducts to dislodge any debris that might be stuck to interior surfaces. The debris can then travel down the ventilation system to the vacuum, which removes it from the system and the home.

PVE cleans using a special truck-mounted vacuum system and a compressed air power brush to remove all the dust, dirt and debris from your HVAC system.  Our truck-mounted vacuum is a ? engine that ensures maximum suction on each and every job.  From the truck, 8” vacuum hoses are attached to each main line (supply and return/intake) as we use a 250 psi compressed air power brush and whipper system to thoroughly clean the entire air handling system.

We also seal and block every vent (register and grill) to create increased negative pressure by the push/pull method.  We clean each register (supply and return) with compressed air.  All the dust, dirt and debris is guaranteed to be removed from the entire system.

After cleaning we will install proper access plates with metal screws and foil tape to ensure no air escapes from your system.

Less Dust, Less Cleaning…
Clean ducts mean clean registers, clean drapes, clean walls, clean rugs, clean air and clean breathing.

Breathe Easier…
Power Vac East cleans out house dust that can cause allergic reactions so you can breathe easier.

Lower Maintenace Costs…
Keeping your furnace in peak operating condition eliminates costly repairs and breakdowns.

Cut Your Heating Cost…
More air flows through clean ducts, which means that more heat gets from your furnace to where you want it.

Reduce Risk of Fire…
Cleaning dust and lint from your ducts makes your home safer from overheating and the risk of fire.

Frequently Asked Questions...

More info: NADCA Post Cleaning Checklist (.pdf)

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